Saturday, January 15, 2011

A spirit lifter card

The quest to practice my stitching continues...and this card reminded me of one of the fun yet challenging aspects of crafting...the screw-up fixer! When I make a mistake that looks terrible on a card, the creative challenge is then to fix it!

With this card, I stamped the sentiment on the white cardstock piece, then intended to stitch the white piece to the blue piece on top and bottom. The bottom stitching came out allright (though not as perfect as I was hoping), but something happened when I tried to stitch on the top...the stitches got all loose and totally screwed up! (I still don't know what happened...I don't think I did anything differently between top and bottom, but who knows? I may be cursed when it comes to sewing) I had to figure out how to cover up those wonky top I put a strip of terrifically tacky tape and covered it with glitter! The end result was pretty okay. Sometimes it's fun to have to figure out how to fix your mistakes!

Anyway, I made this card for my sweet friend whom I met through being a Chemo Angel. I want to make bright & cheery cards for her. I got one of my new Papertrey sets specifically with her in mind. The set is called Up, Up & Away. I LOVE it! It has coordinating dies to cut the clouds and the balloons, so I used those...then added some flock to the clouds.


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