Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More recently created cards

I guess I'm becoming quite the craftin' fool lately! Hah! Making tons of cards, posting to my blog, participating in challenges, etc...I think my husband thinks he's lost me to the "dark side". I hate to tell him, but it's only going to get worse! ;) (ssshh, don't tell him I said that)

The focus of most of my cards right now is Valentine's/Love. Problem is, I don't need 35 Valentine cards for myself! But I have so many cute Valentine stamps and papers, that just the few that I would need for my hubby, kids & close family are certainly NOT enough! I love making cards for Operation Write Home, which is a wonderful cause. However, the deadline to send them Valentine's cards was January 7!! Gah! Who can possibly get all their Valentine's cards finished by one week after the new year??? Well, since that deadline has long since passed, I decided to focus on sending them LOVE cards, but not necessarily Valentines. Soldiers overseas are probably always needing love cards to send home to the spouses & family that they're missing. So I'm making lots of love cards to send to OWH. There's a selfish motive to it too...I get to play with all my Valentine supplies that I'm so in the mood to use lots of! All I have to do is avoid stamping "Happy Valentine's Day" on them, and I'm good. There are so many other adorable lovey-dovey phrases to use, so no worries there!

Now that I've babbled on, here are the cards I'm sharing so far....(there will be more, no doubt)




And I have one more...a break from lovey cards for a sad occasion. I learned recently that a crafting acquaintance of mine lost her husband to a hard-fought battle with leukemia. Even though we rarely see each other, I was deeply saddened when I heard. I made her this sympathy card:


PS - I'm writing this post late at night and I'm feeling too lazy to write many details about these cards as far as what materials I used...if anyone happens to see this and wants to know, feel free to ask! :)

Good night!

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