My Cards for Sale

Hi everyone,

Paper crafting - in particular, card making - is my passion, and I love to share it with others...a handmade card can be such a blessing that really touches the one who receives it. Halfway decent store-bought cards have gotten so expensive that if I can make a nice handmade card for you for about the same price, then all the better! In addition, I will customize your card for you, if you so desire!!

If you're interested in purchasing a handmade card from me, and would like to take a moment to look through my gallery of available cards, here is the link to my gallery of cards for sale:

My Cards Gallery

But before you take a look, read here first, just so you are familiar with the details of how this deal works, and what makes getting a handmade card from me a little different (and hopefully BETTER! :) ~

CONTACT INFO for Questions & Ordering:

1) Any pertinent details relating to each card available will be found in the description under each card photo. Click on a thumbnail of a card photo to see it larger and see the details. Cards will be A2 size (4.25"x5.5") unless otherwise noted. Some cards will have more than one picture of them, if I felt like a detail shot was helpful. This additional photo will always be shown to the right of the main photo.

2) Unless otherwise noted, cards are two different prices, depending on how much you want done.

       ~ $8 price includes: the entire inside decorated with coordinating patterned paper and/or cardstock, an interior sentiment (at my discretion or your choosing, or left blank if you prefer), plus an envelope with a coordinating interior liner and decorative strip or coordinating stamped image on the front (unless you specify that you would prefer not to have this).
      ~ $5 price includes: only the front of the card is decorated and you can choose a stamped sentiment (or I can choose for you) or it can be left blank on the inside, with no coordinating envelope included.
     ~ If a card is especially time consuming to make (lots of coloring or advanced techniques with lots of materials), the price will be $3 more than the above listed prices, and this will be noted by a "+" in the description.

These prices do not include shipping to you, if necessary, but I will try to keep this to the barest minimum possible. I can provide you with shipping cost information later on after you let me know which card(s) you'd like to purchase. For anyone local to me, I can get it to you in some way without having to ship it, or I can mail it to you if that is your preference. Payment can be made in person or via PayPal, a check or credit card via Square Register.

3) Under each picture of each card is the description, denoting "Exact" OR "Similar".
"Exact" = the actual card in the photo is available for sale or one exactly like it can be made.
"Similar" = the actual card in the photo is no longer available, but I can remake one that is similar, limited only by my existing inventory of materials. If I no longer have the exact same materials as used on the card in the photo, I will remake it with comparable materials if you want it to be as close to the photo as possible.
NOTE: Assume, unless noted otherwise on the photo, that all cards are customizable. That means if you like the layout and images of the card in the photo, but would prefer the colors to be different or the sentiment to fit a different occasion than that of the gallery card, you can simply detail your requests to me in an email and I will do my best to make a card that fits your specific needs & requests. I have a detailed inventory of every sentiment that I have available and can provide that to you upon request if you'd like to custom select the sentiments on the outside and/or inside of your card.

Additional note: I am also open to any other custom/specific requests for themes, sizes, or whatever you can think of. I will do my best to make a card that is perfect for you! (I will be, of course, limited only by my inventory of materials, but my inventory is quite extensive! :)

4) I am constantly making cards and will continually be adding new cards to my gallery so check back often! :) Thanks for being willing to consider my cards for your special occasion (or everyday one, for that matter!)