Saturday, August 22, 2009

I've finally caved and entered blogger world

I've never had a blog before, never really saw the need, but I'm beginning to like the idea of it for the purpose of having a gallery for my creative crafting endeavors...I make so many cards & scrapbook pages that I never take pictures of, never shared with anyone (except those upon whom my scrapbooks are foisted)...and since 99% of the cards I make are given away, I think it might be cool to take pictures of them first and post them here so I can remember what I've I'll be more motivated to make them especially beautiful since I'll have a place where they are saved for posterity (and where maybe 1 or 2 people might actually view them! ;)

Anyway, this is my first blog post! I'm a very busy mom, so I doubt I'll be posting gobs of things daily, at least not initially, but now I have a place to go if I do feel inspired enough to share my creations...if with no one other than myself!

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